Teen Driving Contract

parent teen driving contract.pdf

I really like this contract with Safeco. It outlines expectations and consequences, and even touches on what things cost.  Maintenance responsibilities are also listed out. I can't promise teens will remember this. However, when they violate a consequence, it will be a bloodless enforcement since they have already agreed to... More

How You Can Save Money with a Teen Driver

Do you have a teen driver in the making? You can read the below or just watch the video. Thanks! 

Here are 5 tips to navigate the road with your new teen driver.

1.  Set expectations with a teen driving contract. 88% of teens admit to multitasking behind the wheel. Motor vehicle deaths are the leading cause of... More

How We Recovered from the Dallas Tornado

October 20. This was Sunday. Like many others in Dallas,I stopped watching the Cowboys game and sought shelter. I then spent 2 hours in the pantry that night making up Disney trivia for the kids, and though my home was on the path, the tornado lifted up, and I was spared that.  The F3 tornado,... More

How a Disaster Plan and Business Income Coverage can Save Your Business

The F3 Tornado that came though Dallas in October of 2019 was a huge disrupter to many people and businesses, costing over $2 billion in property and economic damages. Many businesses were shut down for days and weeks after.  Many businesses had Disaster Plans and many did not. Having a Disaster Plan in place is... More