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Viktor Taushanov on the Susana Gibb Show

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Mr. Frisco sure brought it home! Viktor Taushanov, also known as Mr. Frisco, opens about how hot this summer will be, that concerns the house market, of course. Looking to experience an urban fresh start, he knows the perfect options for you. By breaking down the stigma of interest rates, if you are looking to buy, with the right agent it can always a good time. Coming to the United States from Bulgaria with only $50 dollars in his pocket, Viktor Taushanov surely made a name for himself and found himself “home” in Frisco.



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This episode will be out at 5 a.m. on 5/17/23!

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Home Insurance and The Susana Gibb Show

Home insurance in Texas has always been complicated. How many other states have tornadoes, hail, and hurricanes? The Hard freeze that shook the state in 2021, combined with increasing costs related to Covid labor and supply shortages resulted in high claims costs. Insurance companies have posted huge losses and are trying to recoop through increased premiums. While cutting coverages may be tempting to cut costs, this can hurt clients if there is a claim. We try to look at all the options, including missed discounts. There are many available: marriage, multi policy, multi driver, multi vehicle, water shut off valves, green building, advanced degrees and monitored alarm are just a few! Because we are independent, we can shop the market for the best coverages at the best price.

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