Community Spotlight: Fred Rouse III

Fred Rouse III on the Susana Gibb Show

Fred Rouse III shares the heartbreaking story of his late grandfather Fred Rouse’s brutal death by lynching. From watching a football game on the couch to receiving a phone call that turned his life on its side, Fred Rouse III says he went “from the couch to the podium.” He shows that even the worst things in life can create goodness in the world by spreading awareness and using the past to help build a better future. In memory of the late Fred Rouse, Fort Worth created a memorial in his name 100 years after his death on December 11, 1921.

Here is a link to the Fort Worth Lynching Tours.


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Check out the Fred Rouse Memorial to learn more.

This episode will be out at 5 a.m. on 5/23/23.

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