The Susana Gibb Show - Joaquin Zihuatanejo

Joaquin Zihuatanejo is the first Dallas Poet Laureate, who was born in 1971. In this episode, we are glad to have Joaquin share his passion for poems and his story as a teacher. Listen to our podcast to get to know more about Joaquin and the art of poems!

Meet Dallas' First-Ever Poet Laureate

Joaquin... More

My Summer Internship

Hi! This is Angelia Wang, a junior at SMU majoring in marketing and data science.

I have been an intern at the Gibb Agency Dallas for Summer 2022.

I am in Women in Business club at SMU and got an opportunity there to apply to the Gibb Agency. I am so glad to have had an... More

Delayed Claim Payments to Policy Holders??? NO. NO. NO.

There was a recent article in the Dallas Morning News by Dave Lieber,

It was about how insurance companies can delay claim payments to policyholders.  Our agency has always been happy to help our clients with issues on their claims. A call to an adjuster often gets the ball rolling again. In our... More

How to get the Marriage Discount on an Auto Policy

The marriage discount can make a significant impact on auto insurance premiums. You don’t have to be married to get the discount, however. Many carriers will give the marriage discount to same sex partners, roommates, and domestic partners. Many clients who are going through a divorce, are surprised by the new rate on a policy... More

3 Key things to know about Insuring Art

If the value of Art, like Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder do you insure your art when the value is so subjective?

The value of this Andy Warhol of Marilyn Monroe? We know what it's worth. It just sold for a record breaking $195 million.

You may have pieces you bought on... More

Mental Health Awareness Month

1 in 5 people will experience mental illness this year. Help is out there! Your personal doctor can point you in a direction for help! 

Golf Cart Liability issues and traps

Why you may have no coverage when you rent a golf cart... and how to get it. 

Where is my golf cart covered?

A golf cart policy is it's own policy, not a part of the auto policy. It is most similar to a motorcycle policy. What happens if you just RENT a golf cart. We discuss this an more in this episode.

This is an excerpt from a podcast:

One of our clients called and said, Hey,... More

Travel Insurance in the Covid Era

Below is an excerpt from podcast Wealth Building Made Simple

between Phillip Washington of Stone Hill Wealth Management and Susana Gibb. 

Phillip Washington

So, we are talking about travel insurance.

Susana Gibb

COVID has changed travel insurance drastically. In so many ways: from... More