Where is my golf cart covered?

A golf cart policy is it’s own policy, not a part of the auto policy. It is most similar to a motorcycle policy. What happens if you just RENT a golf cart. We discuss this an more in this episode.

This is an excerpt from a podcast: https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/wealth-building-made-simple-654177/episodes/golf-cart-liability-coverage-a-130412520Susana:

One of our clients called and said, Hey, my niece was driving in our rented golf cart and she hit a car. We need to submit a claim on our auto insurance and we said, your auto insurance doesn’t give you liability to drive a golf cart, nor does it give you the physical damage on the golf cart.  If you just rent a golf cart, then you have to get a homeowner’s policy thas an extension for this. But your home policy may not have it.  There’s a ton that don’t. And people don’t know.   They are just like, “whatever I’m driving my golf cart. WHEE!” They don’t realize that if their friend falls off because they’re drunk as you turn the corner too fast…or that other thing where people are like, oh, I’ll just jump off the golf cart. It’ll be fine and they’re like you’re already going too fast and they fall down and eat it, that may become your problem.

Phillip: So then so we’re so I guess the first question is, like, where do I go in my policy to figure out if you’re covered? 

Susana: There is a rider on a some homeowners insurance policies that would would carry it. And obviously if you buy a golf cart then you want to have it’s a separate policy. But you see them in the city now. It’s very popular to have a golf cart. People just drive around the neighbourhood. They are street legal, they drop their kids at school, they just kind of cruise around. They’ve got to have coverage for both the physical damage and the liability because we actually had another story of there were two people that were with Chubb. They both have policies with Chubb, somebody fell off and got really hurt.  So they were suing each other at different points. And the agent was actually the client of both of them. That made it really sticky. But again, everybody’s friends. And everybody gets along until somebody gets hurt. And then they got to sue and then we’re not really friends anymore,

Phillip: Now you got me thinking too, what about a bicycle? 

Susana: The bicycle itself would be insured on a personal article floater underneath your homeowners, we can insure it there unless it again is an E bike and then it goes on its own policy. But the liability for you on a bicycle would extend from your homeowners.

Phillip: Good. Okay. Just not my golf cart.

Susana: No. Well, unless you have that rider on your policy. We’ve got a couple of more of our white glove carriers have this liability extension. A lot of them don’t and you don’t know until you ask. So that’s the big thing you just kind of better ask

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