My Summer Internship 2023

Hi, I am Ashley Boone, an upcoming senior at Texas A&M University! I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience and pursuing a certificate in Healthy Development.

I have had the amazing opportunity to intern at Gibb Agency this summer! I found this Women in Business opportunity through a friend and am so thankful to have gotten to interview and meet with several successful female business owners.

Before working here, I only knew of the world of insurance as the subject that made my mom the most stressed. From working here, I learned you truly need insurance for everything not just the basic auto, health, and home insurance. Although I learned a bunch about insurance, I primarily worked as the producer on our company podcast The Susana Gibb Show. I have loved learning the podcast process and meeting such amazing people along the way. I have always had the dream of having my own podcast one day whether it’s self-care or true crime, so I am so thankful Susana has given me this opportunity. Also, I worked on the company charity cornhole tournament in September. This has been such a fun opportunity since I have always had a talent for planning parties and events.

In the beginning, Susana asks every new hire to take a DISC personality test, which measures behavioral styles and helps improve communication in the workplace and outside world. Being a psychology major, personality tests are my thing. I love finding different ways to understand people’s brains and why they act or do the things they do. I think this is such a crucial aspect to a healthy workplace and allows every employee or client to feel like they are heard and appreciated.

I truly believe Gibb Agency was the perfect fit for my summer internship! I never came home upset or overly stressed after a day of work, seriously I always had something positive to say. Not only did I enjoy the podcast and event planning, the culture and environment of Gibb Agency was great. Everyone in the office was so inviting and made working here so fun. They were my favorite part of working here. During our lunch breaks, we would talk about anything and everything, and even on the most chaotic to stressful days we always had the best laughs. I am so thankful to have had such an amazing summer internship experience and made such amazing friendships along the way. Thank you Susana and Gibb Agency!


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