Homeowners Insurance Dallas, TX

Your home is your most substantial investment. Some insurance companies are so concerned about saving you money that they do not provide the coverage you actually need. At The Gibb Agency, protecting your family and your home is our priority. We'll help you find an affordable policy without compromising the security of your household.

Valuable Personal Property Insurance 

Your homeowner's insurance policy covers most of your personal property. However, if you own precious items such as fine china, music equipment, or expensive jewelry, homeowner's insurance may not be enough. For cherished property like this, many people purchase valuable personal property insurance for pennies a day. Ask one of our agents to learn more about this coverage.

Umbrella Liability Insurance 

An umbrella insurance policy exceeds the financial and legal limitations of your homeowner's, personal property, and auto insurance policies. It’s job is to protect you in a lawsuit in the event of an accident that results in another's injury or property damage. Call to see if umbrella liability insurance is right for you.