How to get the Marriage Discount on an Auto Policy

The marriage discount can make a significant impact on auto insurance premiums. You don’t have to be married to get the discount, however. Many carriers will give the marriage discount to same sex partners, roommates, and domestic partners. Many clients who are going through a divorce, are surprised by the new rate on a policy without their spouse. The new rate is often double what they were paying before. Not only did they lose the marriage discount, but other discounts lost are multi driver and multi vehicle.

We often talk to couples who are living together unmarried about putting their autos on the same policy. Many have not yet joined their finances, but on many carriers, the auto rates are listed out per vehicle which helps them budget. The rate will still take into account the price of the vehicle, and the cost to insure it. We also have couples who are in their 2nd marriages and have no plans to co-mingle finances.  Having the rate broken out per vehicle is important to them for tax purposes, too. 

Are you leaving discounts on the table? Give us a call and we can help keep as much money in your pocket as possible.

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