Homeowners Insurance in Richardson, TX

Homeowners and Renters Insurance in Richardson, TX

No one expects a tree to fall on their home in Richardson, TX, or to have part of it destroyed in a storm. Homeowners insurance is there to protect what is arguably your largest investment from the unexpected, and our team at Gibb Agency Insurance Services is ready to help you get the right coverage level for your situation. As an independent insurance agency, we work with a number of different insurance companies to find our clients the best options for their needs. Understanding the individual needs of our clients provides us with the opportunity to put together the right insurance protection for them. Contact us today to learn more and have us review your homeowner’s insurance with you.

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Renters Insurance in Richardson

Just because you don’t own a home doesn’t mean that the things that you do own shouldn’t be protected against damage or loss. Renters insurance provides you with this protection, but it is important that you understand how insurance works. For example, it isn’t possible for your renter’s insurance policy to be retroactive to an earlier date. If something happened before your renter’s insurance was put in force, that will not be covered by the insurance now.

In many cases, there are friends that rent homes, but just because you are smart and get renters insurance doesn’t mean your insurance extends to your friend’s property. They need to get their own renters insurance policy to be sure that their property is also covered. It is important to speak with your independent insurance agent to get all of your questions answered so you know what is covered and what is not.

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Home Insurance in Richardson, Texas

Your home insurance covers more than just the structure that you call home. It can cover other structures on your Richardson, Texas property such as fencing, sheds, and more. It also covers the items inside your home such as furniture, appliances, clothing, and more. Gibb Agency Insurance Services are ready to review your home insurance to make sure that you have the right coverage for your needs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to look into home insurance and renters’ insurance. Richardson was a “dry city” with no alcohol sales until November 2006, when the local option election passed to allow the sale of beer and wine in grocery and convenience stores. During the first quarter century, Richardson grew slowly. Its business district consisted of one block adjacent to the railroad tracks and one block of Smith Street, the town’s principal thoroughfare, now known as East Main Street. Contact our team today and be sure that you are fully protected.