Delayed Claim Payments to Policy Holders??? NO. NO. NO.

There was a recent article in the Dallas Morning News by Dave Lieber,

It was about how insurance companies can delay claim payments to policyholders. Our agency has always been happy to help our clients with issues on their claims. A call to an adjuster often gets the ball rolling again. In our experience, most claim issues are about caseload. Adjusters work roughly 175 claims at one time. Balls can get dropped due to human error. We had one case that the adjuster was ill suddenly, and the case was in limbo because it had not been reassigned.

I have heard recently from a roofer friend that there is a captive insurance company (they don’t allow independent agencies like ours to sell them) that is giving the adjusters percentages if they come in UNDER on the claim payout. Which means, the insurance company may budget 25,000 for the claim, but if the adjuster gets the policy holder to accept 20%, the adjuster gets 25% of the $5,000. Sounds like a kickback to me. Also sounds terrible.

Most insurance companies are made up of people just trying to do their jobs and go home to their families. And then there are others, that are so intent on making a profit for their shareholders and lost sight of what is the right thing to do.

We never mind being the squeaky wheel for our client, because then our client gets the grease.

If you have an issue with your claim, let us know. We’ll help you even if you’re not our c

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