Commercial Auto Insurance in Dallas, TX

Commercial Auto Insurance in Dallas, TX

Many businesses have a vehicle as part of their business operations in Dallas, TX. And if you have a vehicle, then you need commercial auto insurance to protect the business and driver. If you have more than one vehicle for your business, commercial fleet insurance is the answer to cover those vehicles, and all of this can be provided by our team at Gibb Agency Insurance Services.

Transportation is a vital component of so many businesses, so the right protection must be in place. Contact us today and have our team help you find the right commercial auto insurance by shopping the market and getting quotes from multiple different insurance companies.

A Fleet Vehicles in Dallas, TX with Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Fleet Insurance in Dallas

Many businesses require multiple vehicles as part of their business needs, from trucking companies to the trades and more. Unlike personal auto insurance, which is tailored for individual drivers, commercial fleet insurance provides comprehensive coverage for multiple vehicles under a single policy. However, just because you are insuring multiple vehicles doesn’t mean that the basic coverages for commercial fleet insurance is different from single-vehicle insurance. The same components are included, however there may also be additional components such as cargo coverage and more.

Having commercial fleet insurance provides significant cost savings for the business compared to insuring your fleet vehicles separately. Commercial fleet insurance also provides flexibility and customization. The needs of a trucking fleet will be different from a small delivery van, so being able to have flexibility in your needs is important so you don’t have too much or too little coverage.

Commercial Insurance in Dallas, Texas

Commercial auto insurance and commercial fleet insurance serve as a crucial asset for businesses heavily reliant on vehicular operations in Dallas, Texas. Whether it comes to risk mitigation for a business having the right commercial insurance or working to improve safety culture by offering training programs for their drivers, businesses that work with Gibb Agency Insurance Services will be much better off after working with our independent agents to get the right commercial auto insurance to fit their needs.

From helping to insure a single delivery vehicle for a small business to insuring a fleet of earth-moving vehicles, we can help you get the right commercial auto insurance. Three years after Texas achieved independence, John Neely Bryan surveyed the area around present-day Dallas. In 1841, he returned to establish a permanent settlement named Dallas. The Republic of Texas was annexed by the United States in 1845 and Dallas County was established the following year. Contact us today to schedule a review of your commercial insurance needs.

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