Community Spotlight: Kalen Ruiz, UCC Prom Dreams

Prom night is a significant milestone in the lives of many high schoolers—a night filled with dreams, excitement, and memories that last a lifetime. However, for some, the cost of attending prom can be a significant barrier. This is where the UCC Prom Dreams Committee steps in, making a profound difference by providing free prom dresses to students in need. Kalen Ruiz is a dedicated member and helps with the experience of young girls and their parents coming into the store to try on various dresses and other accessories that are offered, such as shoes and bags. As a mother herself, Kalen understands the importance of prom and how it can impact a lot of teenagers, but is a pricey experience especially as tickets are creeping up in price every year. Kalen was an absolutely delight to talk to, she told us great stories about her experiences and seeing the joy when girls get to find their perfect dress, please check out our podcast to hear some of these beautiful tales!

UCC Prom Dreams is located in Fort Worth, Texas, which can be a far drive for those who are located in the Dallas area. If you are looking for somewhere closer, here are some alternatives:

Fairy Tale Closet at the Dallas Public Library, open during prom season, also offering FREE dresses

Dallas Prom Project, a small non-profit with the goal of giving free dresses to those that need it.


And of course, we strongly urge you to check out Kalen’s organization, UCC Prom Dreams, any donations help immensely!



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