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Commercial Auto & Commercial Fleet Insurance in Frisco

When it comes to work vehicles, just having personal auto insurance will not cut it in Frisco, TX. Commercial auto insurance is a must for any vehicles that you have that are used for your business, and if you have more than one vehicle then you’ll want to look at fleet insurance. Discussing your vehicle needs with our team at Gibb Agency Insurance Services will provide you with the important details to keep in mind when you are looking to make the jump from a single work vehicle to more than one.

While you can have multiple commercial auto insurance policies and there can be good reason to do it this way, a fleet insurance policy allows for easier administration as well as other aspects. Contact us today to discuss your growing commercial auto insurance needs.

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Commercial Auto Insurance in Frisco, TX

Many businesses will only require a single commercial vehicle to operate their business. Florists, single-person plumbers, single-person electricians, lawn care, and others are great examples of businesses that can usually operate very successfully using a single vehicle. A single commercial auto insurance policy will be ideal for these situations, but even if they expand and have more than a single vehicle, individual policies can still be a good solution.

Individual commercial auto insurance policies can make sense even with multiple vehicles, but usually no more than five. If your vehicles are used for different purposes, for example, one is a car used by a salesperson and the other is a straight truck used for deliveries, these will likely benefit from the individual commercial auto insurance policies as each would be insured for their specific use.

Commercial Fleet Insurance in Frsco, TX

When would you need to look at fleet insurance for your commercial vehicles in Frisco, Texas? Any time that you have more than one vehicle that is used for a business, checking into fleet insurance is worthwhile. Fleet insurance provides coverage for all of your commercial vehicles, even if they are different kinds. Having a single policy to manage all vehicles is also handy as it makes dealing with things easier and faster. Talk with our independent agents at Gibb Agency Insurance Services to learn more.

No matter if you have one vehicle or twenty trucks, commercial auto insurance and fleet insurance will keep everyone protected on the road. In 1902, a line of the St. Louis–San Francisco Railway (“the Frisco”) was being built through the area, and periodic watering stops were needed along the route for the steam locomotives. In 1904, the town’s residents chose “Frisco City” in honor of the St. Louis–San Francisco Railway. This name was later shortened to Frisco. Frisco has many retail properties, including The Star, the headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys.

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