Where is my golf cart covered?

A golf cart policy is it's own policy, not a part of the auto policy. It is most similar to a motorcycle policy. What happens if you just RENT a golf cart. We discuss this an more in this episode.

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One of our clients called and said, Hey,... More

Kidnap and Ransom Policies

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So, we were talking before about the movie Taken.


There is like four Taken movies now,  first the daughters... More

Travel Insurance in the Covid Era

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between Phillip Washington of Stone Hill Wealth Managementhttps://stonehillwealthmanagement.com/ and Susana Gibb. 

Phillip Washington

So, we are talking about travel insurance.

Susana Gibb

COVID has changed travel insurance drastically. In so many ways: from... More

How your Personal Liability on your Home Covers You

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Phillip Washington:  I appreciate you and given the demographic of most of my clients, high net worth households that have something to lose. If you have assets in incident or accident happens, because you can be really, really, really, really, really exposed.

Susana Gibb:  My... More